• Angels of Light

    Formed after the breakup of Swans in 1997, Angels of Light is Michael Gira's avant-folk outfit from NYC.

  • Gregg Porter

    Drummer extraordinaire and creator of gorgeously arranged and orchestrated melancholia.

  • The Hotel Alexis

    Singer and songwriter Sidney Lindner recruited a group of friends to form this psychedelic-tinged folk/country/weirdo outfit.

  • Nat Baldwin

    Avant-garde bassist turned avante-garde singer and songwriter and member of Dirty Projectors.

  • Testface

    Dave Snider helms this collective of misfits and transients as they create gorgeously off-kilter folk/pop/weirdo music.

  • Sidney Lindner

    Singer and songwriter who's played in Josh Ritter's band and the bands Hotel Alexis, Golden Hotel and Torrez.